High Modulus Nylon (High Fiber Glass Content)

These new series of polymers possess the properties of High Heat Resistance (HDT> 270), High Flow, High Stiffness Retention, Low Moisture Absorption, Low Warpage, Dimensional Stability and excellent Surface Coatings with paint and sputtering. These materials are suitable for metal replacement, and greatly reduce the complications associated with metal fabrication.

The unique properties allow for the opportunity to be used in the casing and framing of ultra thin laptops, mobile phones, consumer electronics, electronic components, sporting goods and automotives. These materials will meet the requirements for the new emerging markets.

High Modulus Nylon UB Series

Grade Specifications Characteristics Application
UB-0010N-V G55L2BProperty DataISO
  • High Temp. Nylon
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced/Non-Halogen Flame Retardant
  • Non-halogen flame retardant V0
  • Black
  • High Rigidity
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Low Warpage
  • High Flow
  • Computer / Communication / Consumer Electronic Casings
  • Smart Phone Framing
  • Ultra Thin Laptop Casing and Framing
  • Electronics
  • Connector,Terminal,Plug
  • Sports Equipment

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halogen-free flame retardant

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