About Us

Nypla was established in 1989 as a Nationwide Distributor of Prime Engineering Resins and Compounded Materials. Nypla is also one of the leading Plastic Material Traders in North America with capability to supply materials in various qualities.

Headquarter: La Puente, California.

Branches: California, Ohio, Massachusetts.

Company Philosophy

  • With Commitments to Quality and Service, Nypla is focused on providing our customers with High Quality and Cost Effictive Products.
  • Nypla will continue to dilegently seek to anticipate up coming trends which allow us to fortify our position as an industry leader in North America.
  • Produce environmental friendly compounding materials which are fully compliant to the RoHS standard.

thermal conductive plastic

Plastic Heat Sink

Led Heat Sink

Heat Sink

high temperature materials

high temperature plastic

high performance materials

high performance polymers

high temperature nylon

high heat resistance

high temperature

high rigidity9.high flow

low moisture absorption

low water absorption

low warpage

halogen-free flame retardant

non-halogen flame retardant

high modulus


Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable Plastics


Green Plastics



nylon 66

nylon 6





pa6 pa66

pa66 30 gf

pa66 30